Improvements in sexual function

Testavan® is a 2% transdermal testosterone gel and is indicated for the treatment of adult male hypogonadism.[1]
Treatment with Testavan® restores testosterone levels to within the normal range and provides sustained improvements in sexual function, QoL and fatigue while demonstrating a favourable safety and tolerability profiles. [1-4]

Testosterone chemical structure

Improved sexual function

Testavan® offers rapid and sustained improvements in sexual function. [1,4]

Significant improvements in sexual desire, sexual satisfaction and erectile dysfunction were seen from 1 month on treatment, with further benefit shown at 3 months. [1,4]

Bar chart showing change in sexual function after applying Testavan 2% 20mg/g testosterone gel

*No head-to-head comparative study available.
†Testosterone unit conversion: 1.0 nmol/L=28.84 ng/dL.


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QoL = quality of life.

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