Testavan®’s formulation

Learn how Testavan®’s formulation improves usability and safety

Testavan®’s formulation is designed to offer maximum patient benefit through ensuring high bioavailability, low application volume and rapid absorption compared to competitor products while reducing risk of secondary transfer with its convenient hands-free application and the benefits its formulation affords. [1-9]

Testavan 2% 20mgg testosterone gel bottle packaging

Hands-free application

Reduce your patient’s risk of secondary transference with Testavan®

Transference risk is a significant concern for many prescribing clinicians. Repeat unintended exposure to testosterone can cause detrimental effects, particularly if the recipient is female or prepubescent. It has been known to cause virilisation, sexual precocity and hyperandrogenism. [1]

Testavan®’s convenient hands-free application

The hands-free application tool is unique in its design to reduce risk by preventing testosterone touching the hands and so minimising risk of transfer, with correct usage. [2-3]

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Low volume, viscouse gel

Testavan® is a highly viscous, low volume gel meaning less gel is required to be applied with each application than competitor products. [4-6]

Paired with a lower starting dose than competitor products and the hands-free applicator, the formulation reduces risk of secondary transference. [4-6]

Graphical depiction of the volume of different testosterone replacement gel dosages

F.A.S.T formula for enhanced absorption and bioavailability

Testavan® harnesses unique F.A.S.T technology to provide faster* absorption and enhanced testosterone bioavailability [7]

Patients should be informed on the risks of secondary transfer and be advised to reduce risk further by washing hands immediately after use and covering the application area[s] with clothes after drying.

The product’s formulation provides enhanced absorption through the mucosa, meaning drying following application is quicker and the product is less likely to transfer to a secondary recipient. [7]
The F.A.S.T formulation demonstrates faster absorption and better bioavailability compared to Testogel®, providing a better overall patient experience. [4] [7]
[Learn more on F.A.S.T]

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*Compared with Testogel 1% [7]

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